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Hey there, I'm Laura.

I created this brand style quiz to help coaches, creatives, and entrepreneurs like YOU discover your ‘Signature Brand Style’ and take the first step towards building a vibrant (yet cohesive!) look & feel for your online business.

In order to stand out from the competition online, impress your audience on social media, and convert everyday visitors into paying clients, you have to showcase your personality and talent in a way that feels authentic.

You don’t want to waste your time and money just to be seen as another face in the crowd!

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Not just another brand style quiz...

To create this quiz, I’ve tapped into my 12+ years of experience in design, marketing strategy, and audience psychology to identify 10 “preference qualities” that help connect personality to visual style.

The answers to each question are then used to narrow down a broad aesethic (or “general style”) that can be easily tied into every visual aspect of your business – from marketing graphics to website design to icons and beyond.

Take the brand style quiz above to see which style best represents YOUR unique personality!