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Hey there, Rockstar Entrepreneur.

If you’re here, then CONGRATS - it means you’re ready finally step up your online marketing game and invest in high end logo development & graphic design services to create the business of your dreams.

Design Mastermind premium logo development and graphic design services

You take your business seriously? We take our website & graphic design services seriously.

You’re sick of looking just like everyone else. You don’t just want some college-kid “logo development” or cheap-as-hell graphic design services. You want to look like a million bucks AND skyrocket the value of your business in the process.

You know you need to position yourself as a premium brand to truly inspire your audience to take action. 

That’s where I come in.

Over the past decade, I’ve built Design Mastermind around 5 core values that I’ve used to propel my clients’ businesses into 6-figures and beyond.

With a high end website, premium logo development and on-call graphic design services in your corner, you’re ready to bring new levels of success to your online business.

Here's What you need

Benefits of Our Signature Framework

At Design Mastermind, we believe the most successful websites are:


Your website needs to represent YOU. Yes we do offer done-for-you graphic design services, but we also encourage our clients to get involved in the process, which includes twice-monthly coaching & consulting sessions to keep everyone on the same page.


Your website needs to stand out from your competitors and make a strong first impression. It can’t do that if it looks the same as everyone else’s. Premium website & logo development is the key.


Your website needs cutting-edge technology that’s capable of growing WITH your company as you expand your online empire… a future-proofed investment that guarantees lasting success.


Your website needs to speak directly to your ideal client or customer, encouraging them to take a specific action on each page.


Your website needs a distinct look & feel that can be translated across your entire brand & marketing materials. When people see a social media post, arrive at a landing page, or watch a webinar, they need to know it’s YOUR business being showcased.

Here's How we get it done

The 6 Key Elements of Design Mastermind

Coaching & Connecting

Stay connected with me throughout the entire design process while also exploring the growth potential of your business. 

On our twice-monthly consulting sessions, we’ll dig into the core problems & desires of your niche audience, seek out any missed opportunities, and (of course) go over our new designs & content!

Badass Branding

It’s not JUST logo development! I’ll create a whole set of visually striking brand assets that will help you stay consistent in your marketing, gain visibility, and set your business apart from competitors in your industry.

Messaging that Sells

We’ll work together to craft highly engaging, search engine optimized website content that 1) targets the right kind of clients, and 2) gets them to take a specific action on the website. 

Visitors will be able to easily skim page content and instantly feel connected to your unique products and services.

Your Dream Website

I’ll produce a stunning, professional website that attracts potential buyers and provides a clean, easy-to-navigate user experience. The website will encourage visitors to explore further, as each page sparks curiosity and spurs them to take action.

Sales Funnels

Dramatically increase your yearly income by growing a highly engaged email list of potential buyers, selling high-ticket, high-value membership programs or service packages, and producing additional passive income via an e-commerce shop or monthly membership site.

Website Independence

In-depth, recorded training sessions let you move forward with complete confidence and clarity, while allowing your current (or future) team members to easily learn the technology involved in managing & updating your website.

Wondering if we'd be a good fit to work together?

...then chances are we're going to get along fabulously.

Ready to get this party started?

Here's what to expect

Personalized service with a boutique feel. 

Can I pour you something cool & bubbly–just like your personality?

Step 1: Let's Chat

It all starts with a complimentary discovery call to see if we’re a good fit to work together. Pick a time in my calendar that works best for you and fill out a preliminary questionnaire. We’ll go over your goals, your vision, timeframe, and what I can do to make it happen. Be ready to share anything that you think would help me understand your project better, like your Pinterest inspiration board.

Step 2: Custom Proposal

If we decide to work together, I’ll send over a customized proposal detailing the deliverables, the milestones you can expect, a contract and a deposit invoice. Once you’re in agreement, pay the non-refundable deposit invoice and we’ll get you booked on the calendar.

Step 3: Kickoff Consulting

Project kick-off call! My signature process includes in-depth collaboration where we brainstorm and strategize ideas. I’ll bring my honesty, experience, and creativity to the table to figure out how to best bring your project to life. If you need assistance and guidance for photoshoots, I’m happy to provide them at this time.

Step 4: I'll take it from here!

Breathe a sigh of relief while I pixelate the vision into reality! I encourage stress-free communication where you’re safe to speak your mind. Expect some back-and-forth until we nail it. After all, it’s a custom project. Count on weekly progress updates where I’m prepared to receive lots of feedback. Especially in the beginning.

Step 5: Review & Revise

One final pass to calm your knocking knees and check for any spelling gaffs…and it’s done! Your custom website is ready to launch.

My new website DOUBLED my conversions!

I’ve collaborated with many designers, and I’ve never met one with a more impressive combination of visual artistry, technical savvy and “I’m on it” professionalism. (The Container Store looks disorganized compared to her.)

If you want a fantastic site that makes you happy, puts money in the bank, and leaves your competition in the digital dust, let Laura rock your website.

Oh by the way, the new webinar registration page she designed has doubled my conversions, from about 9% to 20%+!

- Connell Barrett

Dating Coach for Men,

We provide graphic design services and web design and development for our client Connell Barrett of Dating Transformation
We provide graphic design services and web design and development for our client Luisa Zhou Coaching
We provide graphic design services and web design and development for our client Luisa Zhou Coaching

Laura's design aesthetic is exceptional...

She heard all my requests and was incredibly patient with all of the custom details I asked for. The end result is worth so much more than the price I paid, and honestly, I can’t believe I got such incredible value.

I recommend Laura without hesitation. In fact, I’ve been recommending her to friends, colleagues, and clients for the past 6 years we’ve worked together!

- Luisa Zhou

7-Figure Business Coach,

Ready to skyrocket your business with premium logo development & graphic design services?

Got Questions? I have answers.

While each project is unique, expect that once your project is started it can take from 8 to 12 weeks to complete. We’ll discuss what to expect during your free discovery call. Please note: My client waitlist is currently 2 months long, so I’d recommend booking a discovery call soon to get on my calendar.

I have extensive experience with upgraded design and custom CSS in WordPress, Squarespace, WIX, Kajabi, Shopify, Instapage, and ClickFunnels. Inside those platforms I’ve created memberships, forums, ecommerce, blogs, and more. I’m happy to discuss your particular requirements, so book a free call so we can discuss it further.
I do have limited availability to work with clients on an ongoing basis. There are several different approaches to this and could be website maintenance or certain deliverables. I’d be happy to jump on a call to discuss your needs and if there’s availability. To be completely transparent, I prioritize clients with whom I’ve already worked with on their website.
Your project can be tailored into instalment payments if that works better for you.
The custom design process is tailored to your personality and business. While my signature process has been honed over years of experience with different types of clients, refinement is expected. An entire re-do is not.

These boutique services are best suited to those who have been in business for 3 or more years, have an established audience, are clear on their offer, and are ready to take it up a notch (or three). 

But the good news is I’m working on something very special that will give new entrepreneurs an opportunity to experience the Design Mastermind magic. Our Signature Template Shop is set to launch in fall 2021, so check back soon!